The Basics of Health Insurance

Understanding health insurance was supposed to get easier with the ACA. Now more than ever it seems like our clients are more confused. Let’s have a look at some basic components of our health insurnace system.


A type of health insurance plan that usually limits coverage to care from doctors who work for or contract with the HMO. It generally won’t cover out-of-network care except in an emergency. An HMO may require you to live or work in its service area to be eligible for coverage. HMOs often….  More


A type of health plan that contracts with medical providers, such as hospitals and doctors, to create a network of participating providers. You pay less if you use providers that belong to the plan’s network. You can use doctors, hospitals, and providers outside of the network for an additional cost. More…


A hybrid health insurance plan in which a primary care provider (PCP) is not necessary, but in which health care providers must be seen within a predetermined network. Out of network care is not provided, and visits require pre-authorization. Doctors are paid as a function of care provided. More…